world laughter day

Prize Distribution, SOF

Achievement by Moonmoon Ma`am

Mouth and Moustache, Pre-Primary

Earth Day, Green Day

Red Day Celebration, 2018

Buddh Purnima Celebration

PTM, March 2018

Induction Program- MArch 2018

Movie Show- Coco

Holi Celebration

Fun Day @DPS

Felicitation Pre-Primary

Good Manners Workshop, FEBRUARY 2018

The Nightingale of DPS, First Round

The Nightingale of DPS, Final Round

Common Revision Assignment, 2017-18

National Science Olympiad, February

Picnic- National Museum, New Delhi

Workshop- Exam Time

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"Why you? Because there’s no one better. Why now? Because tomorrow isn’t soon enough. ~ Donna Brazile "