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Felicitation- Pre Primary
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    Good Manners Workshop
    February 2018   ...News & Events

    Date: 19th February’18

                                           WORKSHOP: GOOD MANNERS

                            ‘Good manners open the door that education cannot.’

    Manners are rules of behavior which change with time and vary from culture to culture. Good manners are very necessary to have a person in order to live a happy, disciplined and peaceful life as well as get success in any field. They also convey a sense of respect for the sensibilities of other people and help us to develop good habits. To promote societal concord amongst our little ones, a workshop on ‘Good Manners’ was organized on 19th February 2018 for grade 1 students wherein their educators laid stress on respecting everyone and using magic words like Please, Thank you, Sorry. The session was started with watching a video ‘Back to school’ followed by discussions in which each and every student participated ardently and learnt how to behave with others. Some real-life situations were also shared with them which helped to make the concept more understandable. They were also given some tokens of appreciation like stars, smileys, and small gifts.



      Movie Show- Coco
      (Oscar Winning Animated, 2018)   ...News & Events


        Crazzy Hat Parade Competition, 2018
        Pre-Primary Section   ...News & Events

                                                                                                                                                  Date: 16th February’18

                                                                   CRAZY HAT PARADE

                                ‘Creativity arises from our ability to see things from different angels.’

        A Crazy Hat Parade Competition was organized on 16th February, 2018 at DPS, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram for the little munchkin of kindergarten. Crazy hats are one of the most enjoyable crafts that children can be engaged in. This activity was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skill in crazy hat making. It inspired children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic excellence through the waste material which encouraged them to follow the concept of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).Children participated earnestly in the competition and came up with amazing artwork prepared with the help of their parents using waste material only which was appreciated by one and all.


          The Nightingale of DPS
          First Round   ...News & Events

                                               THE NIGHTINGALE OF DPS: INTER HOUSE SINGING COMPETITION

          (                      Preliminary Round: A stage providing the opportunity to each individual to exhibit the talent)


                                        ‘Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.

          Owning this in mind, an Inter-House Singing Competition titled ‘The Nightingale of DPS’ was held at
          Delhi Public School, Sector 102, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram, wherein all the students of Grade I to V participated and put forth their enthralling performance. It was conducted in three phases which ensured 100% participation of the children as we believe in that all children must equally get the opportunity to show their ability and potential. They had given the themes like devotional, classical and patriotic. The competitors came out with a variety of the song and made the whole atmosphere melodious. All the young maestros sang to their level best and made the competition a great success. 


            The Nightingale of DPS
            Final Round   ...News & Events

                                             THE NIGHTINGALE OF DPS: INTER HOUSE SINGING COMPETITION (FINAL ROUND)


                                                ‘Music ignites all areas of child development like intellectual, social, emotional.’

             Keeping this in mind, Delhi Public School, Sector 102A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram, organized an Inter-House Singing Competition ‘The Nightingale of DPS’ on 15th Feb, 2018 for I-V students. The students who got qualified for the final round performed on the stage. The entire school was filled with the children brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness to showcase their talent. The students were well prepared for the competition and a wide range of songs were presented. Though the choice of songs was ranged from the patriotic to the devotional, yet it was interesting that each child had worked hard to comprehend the lyrics and sing the songs with conviction. Their songs evoked a strong sense of patriotism and piety in each one who listened. It was a great show and the entire school was involved in cheering, encouraging lauding and appreciating the singers. The success of the show could be well judged by the smile on the faces of the Dipsoniains. The winners were all appreciated by the judge and coordinators. They were also awarded with Nightingale badges and certificates.


              Workshop- Exam Time
                 ...News & Events

                                                                                                                                                   Date: 15th February 2018

                                                          WORKSHOP: EXAM FEAR

                             ‘Face your past without regret, handle your present with confidence and prepare for your future without fear.’

              DPS, sec. 102 A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram conducted a workshop titled ‘Exam Fear’ especially for the students of grade 4 and 5  as they would soon be graduating to the middle school. The workshop was conducted by the School’s Headmistress, Ms. Sumita Gupta, herself wherein she encouraged the students to take their exams without any stress that comes from competitiveness, parents’ expectations, pressure from siblings etc. She motivated the students to have a concrete study and revision plan ready much before the exam time. She also advised to give the body enough and right kind of rest as it rejuvenates and revitalizes us. She told the students to keep electronic gadgets like mobile phones, I-pods, video games at bay. Ways to make an effective schedule were discussed and a proposed ‘Day Schedule’ was also given to students. They were advised to manage their time well, not get distracted and review the progress daily. 



                Delhi Public School, Sector 102, Dwarka Expressway is associated with SOF organization to conduct Olympiad Exams in an endeavour to develop a greater competitive spirit, better assessment and exploration of potential among students. SOF is a registered, not for profit education foundation set up in 1998 to promote scientific temper among school students. It encourages the development of a scientific aptitude through innovative activities and use of information technology process across the globe. Students from Classes 1 to 5 participated in National Science Olympiad with full zest. The detailed analysis and results of these Olympiads are beneficial to student and parents for assessing the growth and development of their wards.  The Headmistress, Ms. Sumita Gupta, applauded the students for their efforts and encouraged them to stay in learning mode always.

                                                                       Highlights of Prizes                  


                1.      SAKSHAM ARORA (Class 2)          Zonal Medal/Medal of Distinction+ Certificate

                2.      TANISHQ SHARMA ( class 1)        School Gold Medal + Certificate

                3.      SAMARTH CHANDRA ( class 1)     School Gold Medal + Certificate

                4.      ANIRUDH KASHYAP ( class 2)       School Gold Medal + Certificate

                5.      HARSHIT SINGH ( class 3)             School Gold Medal + Certificate

                6.      SHIV GUPTA ( class 4)                    School Gold Medal + Certificate

                7.      AARUSHI KAPOOR ( class 5)         School Gold Medal + Certificate

                8.      NAMI JAIN ( class 1)                     School Silver Medal + Certificate

                9.      ARSH VATS ( class 1)                     School Silver Medal + Certificate

                10.  TANUSH RATHORE  ( class 2)       School Silver Medal + Certificate

                11.  KULDEEP ( class 3)                        School Silver Medal + Certificate

                12.  ISHAN SINHA ( class 1)                  School Bronze Medal + Certificate

                13.  DAKSH KADIAN (class2)                School Bronze Medal + Certificate

                14.  NAISHA SINGH (Class 3)                School Bronze Medal + Certificate



                  Date: 10th February 2018

                                                            EDUCATIONAL VISIT- NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE

                                             ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’


                  To give the students hands on experience and develop their interest in Science, the school organized an educational trip to National Science Centre, New Delhi on 10th February. Students enjoyed the drive to the Centre and were extremely enthusiastic while entering the world of Science. They visited various galleries and keenly observed the exhibits and experiments. They got sensitized about the misuse of water and the need to conserve it at Water – The Elixir of Life gallery.  Science and Technology Heritage Gallery gave the students an insight into the rich and glorious heritage of our country in the field. They learnt about the structure and function of the human body at the Human Biology gallery. There they also got educated on building immunity and adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle for a healthier tomorrow. The interactive hands on activities at the Fun Science Gallery enthralled the students and left them amazed beyond imagination. Information Revolution Gallery apprised them with the latest developments in the field of communication and its growth so far. The curious ‘Newton in Making’ benefitted from the tour as they acquired a lot of knowledge.


                    Inter Class Math Quiz
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                    Date: 2nd Februaury’18

                                                                  REPORT ON MATH QUIZ

                                            ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its learner everywhere.’

                    DPS, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram conducted Math Quiz on 2nd February, 2018 for the students of Grades 3 to 5 in association with NIIT. It was conducted in two phases wherein phase 1 was an internal quiz which ensured 100% participation of the children as we believe in that all children must equally get the opportunity to show their ability and potential. Three winners each from Grades 3, 4 and 5 were chosen for next phase. The quiz was based on group and individual participation which could be witnessed easily through their inquisitiveness. It was a difficult task to choose the best three out of the many masterminds sitting there. 


                      Maha Shivratri Celebration
                      Feb, 2018   ...News & Events

                                                                                                                                                                                   Date: 09th February, 2018

                                                SPECIAL ASSEMBLY –MAHASHIVRATRI: THE GREAT NIGHT OF SHIVA

                      ‘His Trishul symbolises the control of mind, intellect, and ego; allowing you to work better and never loose control.’

                      Mahashivratri is celebrated annually in honour of God Shiva and observed by remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, doing yoga, and meditating on ethics and virtues such as self-restraint, honesty and forgiveness. The festival is a wake-up call to move away from conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence - the ethereal qualities of Shiva. With this thought in mind, on 09th February’18 grade II-B students presented a special assembly on Mahashivratri. They began the day showcasing their devotion to God Shiva by enchanting mantra ‘Karpoora Gauram........namami’ and offering prayer to the Shivling-the symbol of God Shiva on Earth. Students enacted a small act, beautifully narrated by Anvi, left an abiding impression in everyone’s heart. The story reinforced the importance of worshipping and respecting parents for all the love, care, and things they do for us. Nevertheless, they were enlightened with Lord Shiva’s ideologies like look at the problem beyond what it is and finally overcoming the impossible as his third eye symbolises, be calm that helps you conquer everyday battles symbolised by his meditative pose etc. The icing on the cake was a beautiful and enticing ‘Tandava Nritya’, a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution, presented by Banhi Saini which created an aura of festival and celebration. The enlightening speech by the Headmistress, Ms. Sumita Gupta, emphasised the importance of showing our love to our parents as only with this we can win the world.


                        Pink Day Celebration
                        Pre-Primary Section   ...News & Events

                             Pink Colour Day

                          ‘The good effects of pink kindles friendship, harmony and affection…!!”

                        Pre-Primary students of DPS Dwarka Expressway celebrated Pink Day on 9th December 2018.It was wonderful to see our children bloom and blossom in different shades of pink.The young ones came dressed in pink colour and brought pink coloured toys. The pink colour objects displayed in the class created an aura of harmony and affection. Children were introduced different shades of pink showing different posters, bunny masks and objects depicting the impact of pink colour in our lives.Tiny tots participated in a variety of hands-on activities related to the identification of pink colour aiming to make the young ones identify pink colour in the objects they see around them. Children have explained that pink colour signifies love, beauty and kindness. They were excited when they learnt pink colour could be obtained by mixing red and white. With all the kids in high spirits, the overall atmosphere was filled with excitement as well as elation. All the tiny tots with their beautiful attires plunged into colouring and drawing activities bubbling with enthusiasm. The blooming buds enjoyed a lot and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of pink colour.


                          Math Quiz Competition
                          NIIT, nGuru   ...News & Events

                                                                                                                         Date: 5th February’18

                                                                  NIIT MATH EVENT

                                                  ‘What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.’

                           On 5th February 2018, DPS organized Math Event for the winners of Math Quiz held on 2nd February for grade 3-5 students. The event was conducted by NIIT wherein the selected students represented three teams having one participant each from Grade 3, 4 and 5. It began with a lot of anticipation and excitement. There were four rounds in the quiz – Round Robin, Pick and Win, Tangram Puzzle and Rapid Fire. Though the quiz seemed good for all the teams in the beginning but as the rounds progressed, the questions got tougher. The winning team forged way ahead of others in the second round itself. Certificates were given to Second and Third position holders for their outstanding performance while the winning team was awarded Gold Medals along with the certificates. All the students enjoyed watching the event and gained a lot of knowledge about mathematics as some questions were directed to the audience too which were responded enthusiastically.


                            Astronomy and Space Sciences Workshops   ...News & Events

                                                                                                                                 Date: 3rd February’18

                                                                   PARENT TEACHER MEETING

                             ‘When you’re building the future citizens, you need to continually strengthen teamwork, partnership and collaborations.’

                            To ensure that every child’s growth takes the desired direction, the school once again got together with the parents and discussed their overall development. DPS organized Parent Teacher Meeting for pre-primary and primary classes on 3rd February 2018  wherein teachers focused on sharing students’ performance in scholastic and co-scholastic areas showing the answer sheets to the parents to help them analyze the accomplishment. Parents and teachers together shared the strengths and weaknesses of the students. They discussed ways to take the children on to the next level of their learning and achieve great heights. Annual Health reports of students were also put forth before the parents. The report contained the result of the medical examination conducted on 29th January’18. The highlight of the day was Astronomy Showcase based on hands-on learning to inculcate scientific temper and love for science among the students.



                              Common Revision Assignment
                              DPSS Initiative   ...News & Events

                                                                      COMMON REVISION ASSIGNMENTS

                                                 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

                              Learning is a continuous process for the future leaders at Delhi Public School. Every day opens up new horizons for the Dipsonians and encourages them to take a flight to touch the sky. Delhi Public School Society believes in preparing its’ students, in the best possible way, for future and sets benchmarks in the world of education. Common Revision Assignment for the students of grade 5 is one such unique initiative taken by the society to ensure that the students are well equipped before they step into the middle school. The test, conducted for Math, Hindi and English, aims to assess students’ learning till primary level. The objective was to test students’ understanding of the subject and application of knowledge gained. Students were immensely motivated to take the exam head on and prove their prowess. It was not conducted only for testing students’ understanding but also some remediation is also being worked on and again they will be appearing for these kinds of assignments.


                                Calligraphy Competition
                                Pre-Primary Section   ...News & Events

                                                                                                                                             Date: 2nd February’18

                                                                               Calligraphy Competition

                                            ‘Calligraphy is an art form that is creatively, skilfully and consciously performed to express the very souls of words on paper.’

                                To inculcate habit of good handwriting among students, Delhi Public School, Sec. 102 A, Dwarka Expressway organized English Calligraphy Competition on 2nd Feb. 2018 for Pre-Primary children wherein they actively participated and exhibited their writing skills through handwriting with correct formation of letters and curves. The main objective of the event was to motivate the little ones to write neatly and in the correct manner. Such competitions turn out to be very meaningful for the students since calligraphy not only improve writing skills, but also teach students about their unique structure and the beauty of the English language.



                                  International English Olympiad
                                  SOF Organisation   ...News & Events

                                          International English Olympiad

                                  Delhi Public School, Sector 102, Dwarka Expressway is associated with SOF organization to conduct Olympiad Exams in an endeavour to develop a greater competitive spirit, better assessment, and exploration of potential among students. SOF is a registered, not for profit education foundation set up in 1998 to promote scientific temper among school students. It encourages the development of a scientific aptitude through innovative activities and use of information technology process across the globe. Students from Classes 1 to 5 participated in International English Olympiad with full zest. The detailed analysis and results of these olympiads are beneficial to student and parents for assessing the growth and development of their wards.  The Headmistress Ms. Sumita Gupta applauded the students for their efforts and encouraged them to stay in learning mode always.


                                                                                     Highlights of Prizes                  


                                  1.      HIYASHA KAUSHIK( class 1)                   School Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  2.      VAISHNAVI CHAUHAN ( class 2)           School Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  3.      TRISHA KASHYAP ( class 3)                    School Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  4.      NISHKA SOLANKI ( class 4)                    School Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  5.      SNEETA KUMARI ( class 5)                    School Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  6.      AADRIKA SHARMA ( class 1)                School Silver Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  7.      ANIRUDH KASHYAP ( class 2)               School Silver Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  8.      NAISHA ( class 3)                                    School Silver Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  9.      DAKSH  ( class 3)                                     School Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  10.  ATHARV JAIN of ( class 1)                         School Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate

                                  11.  SAKSHAM ARORA ( class 2)                     Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate



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                                    "No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley "