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PTM, Booster 1- July
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Parent Teacher Meeting

                                                                    29th July, 2017

Effective collaboration between parents and teachers is the key to ensure academic success of the children. Keeping this in mind, a Parent Teacher Meeting was organized on 29th July 2017 for pre-primary and primary classes in Delhi Public School, Sec. 102 A, Gurgaon. Parents reported on their designed time to discuss the performance of their wards with class educator and subject teachers. It was a great interaction between the teachers and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. The yardsticks containing comprehensive details were shown to the parents and their suggestions were welcomed. The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that education is a shared commitment among dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents.

                                                    Story Telling Competition

               ‘We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imaginations.’

    Story-telling and drama build children’s innate ability for fantasy and imaginative play. Through stories, children develop understanding of the world around them. Not only this, stories provide a natural, relevant and context for exposure to language and an opportunity to familiarize children with sound, rhythm and intonation. Therefore, in order to enable our little ones to understand, retell and act out, a story telling competition was organised for Pre- Primary students on 25th July 2017. It was a great pleasure to watch the tiny-toddlers narrating their stories with confidence, excitement and fervour.


      Blue Day Celebration, 2017
      Blue Day Celebration, 2017   ...News & Events

                                       BLUE COLOUR DAY

                    “Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time.”

                                                                                              -Moncy Barbour

      Blue represents both the sky and the sea. It is also associated with the meanings of trust, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, inspiration and intelligence. To reinforce colour concept at pre-primary level, Delhi Public school celebrated ‘Blue Colour Day’ on 14th July 2017. Children brought different types of blue colour objects which were displayed in the classes. All pre-primary students and teachers were not only clad in blue colour attire but the entire school was also decked in blue theme. To make this day more interesting and fruitful, numerous activities were conducted. Our tiny-tots relished the show ‘Tap the Feet’ held in auditorium where in every child got the chance to perform on stage with the class educator. It seemed that the sky had come down to earth having different shades of blue. Overall the day turned out to be a remarkable one filled with fun and fervor.


        Talent Hunt Show: 2017
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                                                 Talent Hunt Show

                                  "Talent is something rare , beautiful and precious and it must not be allowed to go to waste ''

        School has been providing various opportunities to students to bring out their inherent talents. In order to give them a platform  to showcase their talents and uniqueness, Delhi Public School organized a ‘Talent Hunt Show’ for kindergarten children on 7th July, 2017. The day with an amazing sight of a group of happy and excited tiny-tots moving around the campus brought a smile to many faces. There was a complete ambience of joy where smiles were indicating the sense of involvement. Children were exposed to such new experiences that helped them learn better rather than mere rote or cramming up of facts. This event helped children to develop higher level of creativity, observation, concentration, self-expression and confidence along with their creative and artistic skills.


          Workshop: Creativity
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                                 Workshop: Nurturing Creativity In Young Children

          Date: 1st July 2017

                                   Resource Person: Ms. Anju Saini (Pre-Primary Coordinator)

          A session on ‘Nurturing Creativity in young children’ was held on 1st July which was attended by the entire teaching staff in the presence of  the Head Mistress of the school. It threw light on the concept of creativity and two approaches towards it that we should not be product oriented rather process oriented which nurtures the creativity of a child. Creativity is the re-invention, re-discovery and re-construction of the world. The resource person laid stress on the importance of drawing which is a medium to link between verbal and written language. She explained that we must make children feel free to explore and offer support to a child but interfere as little as possible. She also highlighted how to ignite creativity which is the combination of intellectual abilities, knowledge, motivation, inspiration and happy environment. The session involved all the attendees to share their experiences on how they nurture creativity in their classes. It was an informative, enriching and knowledge sharing experience.

                                                Workshop: Cognitive Development

            Date: 1st July 2017

                                    Resource Person: Ms. Prabhleen Kaur (Primary Coordinator)

            On 1st July 2017, a workshop ‘Cognitive development in Early Childhood’ was conducted by Ms. Prabhleen Kaur, Primary Coordinator in the presence of honourable Head Mistress of the school. The workshop laid stress on the fact that the growth in the mental capacity of an individual is to the maximum at the time of infancy. It explained the Piaget’s theory that a child is an intrinsically motivated learner and we must facilitate the suitable environment for him to learn. Various stages of cognitive development of a child were also explained with illustrations. The limitations of a child’s development like egocentrism, conservation, object performance etc. were also brought in light. The session was concluded by watching a video ‘First Years First’ followed by a discussion about the facts depicted in it. The workshop helped the attendees attain skills required to lay strong foundation for the wholesome development of children in all domains.

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