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Story Telling Competition-2017-18
Story Telling Competition   ...News & Events

                                              Story Telling Competition

 ‘Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.’

Stories are what children love the most. To bring out students spontaneity in speaking and creativity in props Delhi Public School, sec. 102 A, Dwarka Expressway way, organised a ‘Story Telling Competition’ with the theme ‘Aesop Fables’ for grade III –V  wherein students narrated the stories like ‘The Lion and the Mouse’, ‘Unity is Strength’, ‘The Thirsty Crow’, ‘The Silly Goats’ and many more with appropriate voice modulation and expression. They exhibited great confidence and fervour while speaking publically and used their imagination with attractive props.


    Splash! Splash!
    Splash pool activity   ...News & Events

                                          "Splash Splash everywhere, puddles of water here and there"
    The little ones of Delhi Public School, Sec-102A, Dwarka Expressway enjoyed their first 'Splash Pool' activity. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm. The children thoroughly relished the activity jumping in the water and splashing water at their friends. This activity helped to improve their motor skills providing endless fun to them.


      Earth Day Celebration, 2017-18
      Earth Day Celebration   ...News & Events

                              Earth Day Celebration

                                        ‘Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.’

      Earth day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 worldwide and various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Delhi Public School, Sec.102A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon celebrated Earth Day on 21st April, 2017 aiming to sensitize the students about the importance of conserving nature. It was great day to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts to green the school and engage the students in making a difference. A special assembly was conducted by grade IV-A which conveyed the message to protect the earth and its valuable resources. A child recited a beautiful poem ‘Conserve Nature’followed by a speech on‘Save Environment’. The highlight of the assembly was the mesmerizing dance performance on the song ‘Na kato mujhe, bada dukhta hai’. Through a video ‘Plastic Planet’, the educators explained the students about the importance of environment conservation and motivated them to work towards it. To sensitise the students the value of planting trees , a ‘Plantation Drive’ activity was also conducted wherein the students planted the saplings with the help of gardener. It was a hand-on experience for the students which created awareness amongst the students about the significance of trees in our life.


        Earth Day Week, 2017-18
        Earth Day Week   ...News & Events

                                                            Earth Week Celebration

                    ‘Plant a tree today; make the life of the earth much longer.’

        In order to instill the little ones with the importance of keeping the Earth clean and preserving its natural resources, Delhi Public School, Sec. 102 A, Dwarka expressway, Gurgaon celebrated Earth Week from 17th April to 21st April with a medley of educational and fun activities. During the whole week children enjoyed doing craft work like designing Earth with their hand prints and many more. A special assembly was also conducted wherein our tiny tots were taught about keeping the planet clean, growing more tress, conserving water and electricity, reduce, reuse and recycle. Children enjoyed dancing in fun camp within the school premises. They learnt how to take care of the planet by sowing a small sapling in the soil and watering it through ‘Plantation Drive’ activity. Just because kids are small doesn’t mean they can’t help to make a difference. After all, little steps can lead to big changes in saving their mother earth.


          Gold By Snigdha Banarjee
          Gold By Snigdha Banarjee   ...News & Events

                          DPS student shines in Karate Championship 

                                                         ‘Key to success is hard work and determination.’

          Snigdha of Grade 4 ardently participated in 7th North India WFSKO Karate- Do Championship- 2017 organized by Indo Shotokan Karate Association on 9th April 2017 and competed with others in Kumite category. She made school proud by bagging 1st prize and brought laurel to the school. She was applauded for her commendable achievement by the educators as well as the students.


            Red Day Celebration 2017-18
            Red Day Celebration   ...News & Events

                                                            RED DAY CELEBRATION

                  ‘Red is the first colour of spring. It’s the real colour of rebirth; of beginning.’

            Red is the warmest of all colours. It is a colour of power and courage symbolizing love, life and vitality. In order to infuse the concept of red colour in toddlers, Delhi Public School, Sec. 102A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon celebrated Red Day on 12th April 2017. All the kids and educators were clad in red attires. The classrooms were decked in red theme as well. Our tiny-tots enjoyed the day by engaging themselves in fun activities like finger printing with red colour, bubble wrapping in heart shape etc.  Overall it turned out to be a remarkable day filled with fun and fervor.


              Baisakhi Celebration
              Baisakhi Celebration   ...News & Events


              ‘The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.’

              On 13th April India celebrates the harvest festival ‘Baisakhi’ and ‘New Year’ as per the traditional Hindu calendar. To make students aware about the historical background, significance and relevance of Baisakhi, Delhi Public School, Sec. 102 A, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon celebrated this occasion with great pomp and show. Students as well as the educators were clad in yellow attire to keep up with the essence of the festival. The educators explained the students about the importance of the festival and ways to celebrate it in various parts of our country. A mass quiz was also conducted in which all the students participated with great enthusiasm. The celebration ended with ‘Bhangra Dance’ which was a great treat to the eyes to see the children enjoying every beat of the music with such fervour and vigour.


                List of Holidays
                List of Holidays   ...News & Events

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